oddsMaker Poker in 2014 - Odds maker scam warning - is oddsmaker legit? Oddsmaker.ag fraud warning

oddsmaker poker 2014Updated In April, 2018 - OddsMaker Poker was a moderately sized U.S. poker site several years ago but they have since fallen to the wayside. Odds Maker Poker was a part of OddsMaker.com, which is now OddsMaker.ag, which is a USA online sportsbook, casino and poker room. I wouldn't go running off to sign up just yet though. There are reasons why OddsMaker Poker is a dead, scam poker room for US players in 2014. I'm not actually aware of too many poker players who were ripped off and robbed by the OddsMaker poker room but anyone who works in this business is well aware of the countless sports bettors who have been ripped off by OddsMaker. Even SBR blacklisted OddsMaker, which says a lot because they are only concerned about making money so if there was any way they could have passed OddsMaker off as a safe US gambling site and continued to make money off of them they would have. There were just far too many complaints. Hundreds or even thousands of Americans got ripped off by the OddsMaker sportsbook so you will not find any reputable gambling portal actually suggesting that they are a great place to play poker or bet on sports in 2014. If the Oddsmaker sportsbook rips their customers off it really doesn't take a genius to realize that the poker room at Oddsmaker will also rip people off. Many of the OddsMaker.com and OddsMaker.ag complaints are from people who had the nerve and audacity to win money and try to cash it out. I mean, how dare someone win a few sports bets in a row! Clearly their accounts should be closed and their funds seized. That is pretty much the gist of the story. They are one of those sports books that love you when you lose but if you win a few wagers in a row they will close your account and refuse to pay you. They usually just claim that you are a non-recreational gambler, if they cannot find some technicality to close your account over. Sportsbook.com operates the same way. OddsMaker has a "winning threshold". Let's say you lost $50,000 from January to November but then won 8, $100, O/U bets in a row in December. OddsMaker would close your account and refuse to refund your bankroll, even though they have made a huge profit from you. Odds Maker Poker is owned and managed by the same crooks and the poker room's reputation is far from clean, it just isn't as horrible as the sportsbook's reputation.

OddsMakerPoker does close the accounts of winning poker players too. They always claim that they are protecting recreational players. They don't want a small group of winning players to clean out the fish and withdrawal money from the room. That may not seem like a bad idea but only if you are an unskilled fish. They want your money to stay in the system as long as possible because more hands means more rake. One OddsMaker Poker player had held is account for many years without ever requesting a cashout until he won an MTT and requested a $400 payout. OddsMaker.ag Poker closed his account and vaguely stated "fraud" as the reason. When Odds Maker Poker closes an account they basically cut off communication too. The lucky ones who have their accounts banned will receive one email stating a unbacked, unexplained and typically untrue reason for the account closure. Some players do not even get that much. They make a withdrawal on Monday and when they go to sign in on Tuesday they get a message saying their account is suspended. Obviously if it happened to you you would write dozens of emails but many people simply never get a reply.

OddsMaker Poker is tied with Lock Poker in my opinion as being the biggest scam poker site for US players in 2014. SBR reported last year that the amount stolen from poker players, casino gamblers and sports bettors at Oddsmaker.com exceeded $250,000. Only a fraction of victims actually go to SBR and report the theft so we are easily talking about millions of dollars stolen by this company. They target Americans because we have few options. OddsMaker Poker is a scam. OddsMaker Poker will steal your money in 2014. I have listed the most trusted US poker sites in 2014 below. These USA friendly poker rooms all pay out much faster than the industry average, which is why I work with them and why they have the highest traffic in 2014. Moneygram and Western Union payouts generally take 12-72 hours at Bet Online Poker and SportsBetting Poker, 24-48 hours at the new Full Flush Poker and 2-4 days at PokerHost. Check by courier withdrawals can be expected in 4-7 days from all of these USA poker rooms in 2014. They are also easy for Americans to deposit at.

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Odds Maker Poker, oddsmaker.ag, oddsMaker.com - Stealing your money since 2001

oddsmaker.ag oddsmaker.com poker scam theft fraud

The image to the left is a partial list of reports about the Oddsmaker sportsbook, poker room and casino. These are just a handful of the complaints that were reported to a single sports betting forum. The 2nd report on the list is a good example of what Odds Maker does. If you are a losing player who happens to go on a nice little winning streak they will close your account and keep your bankroll. The OddsMaker Poker site for USA players in 2014 is not safe. It is almost like you will have to lose intentionally to prematurely end a winning run. Oddsmaker.com is a scam in 2014. Oddsmaker.ag is a scam in 2014. The Odds Maker poker room, sports book and casino is untrustworthy. They have been classified a rogue poker room and a scam sports book by everyone who's opinion matters. If you Google "Oddsmaker scam" you will find forum posts from hundreds of Oddmaker's victims and they only represent a small fraction as they are just those who posted about it. Many just write off the loss and incorrectly assume that online poker is a scam. Rooms like Oddsmaker Poker are scams but most are perfectly fine. The same is true for many industries. Most investment advisors are perfectly legit but a small minority are not, i e Bernie Madoff. Most U.S. banks are perfectly safe but we have all read horror stories about a few bad apples. People do not say "All banks are scams" yet some still point to fraudulent, scam poker sites like Oddsmaker Poker and say online poker is a scam. If you want to play poker on the Internet for real money in 2014 you should check out the top US poker sites, which are listed above, along with special bonus deals. Research each poker room yourself before you sign up. If they are anything like Odds Maker Poker you will find out right away when searching.